About Us

Due to the importance of supporting knowledge-based ideas and startups, entrepreneurship and economic development, Qeshm International Business Incubator has been suggested and opened by Qeshm Free Zone Organization as one of its departments at 2005, under supervision of Ministery of Science, Research and Technology of Islamic Rebpublic of Iran. The Incubator has been retitled as Techonology Business Incubator with International Activity Approach since august 2018, objected to provide consulting, managerial, support, laboratory, educational, and other services related to knowledge-intensive and technological startups.

Business incubators provide the root for creating and developing startups by offering facilities, general and specialized services, and necessary consulting in scientific, managerial, and legal areas.

Technology Business Incubator of Qeshm supports knowledge-based and technical startups regarding their importance in economic development in accordance with Islamic Repuplic of Iran strategic plan and fulfilling objectives of resistance economy in order to lay the foundation of localization of knowledge and new techs in industry, economy and meeting country's needs.

Our main goal is assisting knowledge-based startups and new ideas in following key areas:

  • The environment
  • Urban and rural development
  • Industry and mining
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Energies
  • Education 

Our most important mission is to help ideas and startups to find their path to growth. We are proud to welcome new ideas at every stages of development process. 

Considering the Qeshm Free Zone advantages, we mainly focus on commercialization of research results, transfer of technology, and international marketing. We hav a chain of relations with universities and educational institutes, domestic and international venture capitalists, and joint chambers of commerce, in order to help startups overcome challanges ahead of path to their growth. We are pursing the identification of target markets and commercialization of startup products.

We often host many events to benefit applied startupes from our chain of relations. We consult and collaborate with applied startups by regularly hosting forums on topics related to entrepreneurship and startups with participation of experts.

We assist applied startups with paperworks as well as recruitment of employees. We also offer intellectual property and patents consulting.

Technology Business Incubator of qeshm is a member of Global Network of Science and Technology parks (IASP).  


  • Wealth creation, employment and entrepreneurship
  • Developing and enhancing scientific capabilities
  • Industrial development and economic growth
  • Export development
  • Support SMEs and knowledge-based startups and developing a research culture
  • Transfer of technology 


  • Financial support for startups
  • Providing legal support to accelerate the growth of startups
  • Providing consulting sercvices to transform new ideas into the market
  • Continuous assesment of startups to make improvement
  • Support startups to actualize their business ideas
  • Providing pre-incubation services if needed
  • Create facilities and post-incubation services